EZcosplay Sponsorship Program

Are you looking for a cosplay sponsorship?
A free set of cosplay at EZcosplay in exchange for featuring our costume on your social media. 

What the the requirements for the  sponsorship program?
1. You have a certain number of followers, like Instagram at least 10K followers

2. Your posts have certain engagement, like Instagram at least an average of 2K likes

3. You must tag us & mention the cosplay is from us on the post

4. You can provide high-quality photos or videos - NO selfies

Terms & Conditions
We have the right to use your photos, like reposting them on our social media/product page(credit to you).

If your number of followers and engagement does not meet our ideal requirements, but you are able to provide high-quality photos (at least 4 photos that include full-body, side, back, and detail shots) for our website product display, we may also reach a collaboration. Please refer to this directory for product photo examples.

If you agree with the above requirements and conditions, please send us the following information to Email [email protected] (Subject: Sponsorship Application x “Your social media account/name”) or fill out the form. The quota is limited every month, we will contact you within 2-3 business days.

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Blog, Prioritize YouTube

If you are willing to choose from our selection, the adoption rate will be higher, we will send the recommended selection products to you after approval.

If possible, tell us more about yourself like previous sponsorship, cosplay experiences, extra advertisements you can offer, it helps us to know you better.